90° Upender for 50 tons by ABERMOVE

//90° Upender for 50 tons by ABERMOVE
Virador ABERMOVE de 90° para 50 Toneladas - ABERMOVE

The 90° Upender for 50 Tons was designed and manufactured by ABERMOVE to optimize processes of a cutting machine in a Portuguese factory.

This equipment is used for the processing industries that need to turn heavy loads. The equipment allows tilting materials in an efficient and extremely safe way, avoiding load suspensions and other dangerous operations.

The 90° Upender for 50 Tons is extremely robust and superior in performance. It can rotate up to 90° +/- 50 Tons of steel or other raw material in a shortly time.

The rotation is made by hydraulic cylinders, driven by a hydraulic unit that is designed specifically by ABERMOVE to ensure the equipments performance.

The ABERMOVE Upender can be controlled by a remote control or on the central unit to assure appropriate distance to user´s when handling of the equipment, an end-of-stroke also complete the safety system.

The 90° Upender for 50 Tons can be customized and adapted to different projects requested by the customers.

ABERMOVE develops this and other specific equipments for the European, US, Central and South America, Asia and Oceania markets.

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